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    Extrusion is a thermomechanical industrial process. It allows to transform the raw material, such as LDPE and any type of polyethylene (HDPE, PEMD…), with the help of an extruder, into a long-profiled product such as tubes or film, i.e. commercial plastic bags, food film, etc.

    The transformation is done under pressure with appropriate temperature conditioning.


    The plastic extrusion process consists of introducing the raw material, crude polyethylene, in the form of solid granules into a cavity of the extruder. The machine heats the granules to a suitable temperature for extrusion, in order to obtain a homogeneous and melted plastic paste.
    An endless screw rotates and forces the molten plastic paste to advance under pressure through the extrusion head of the machine. The latter ensures the transfer of this paste to the die, which will set its shape and thickness in microns on the final product.

    For years, Surfilm Packaging has been investing in high-performance and sophisticated machines.
    Our workshop is equipped with monolayer and coextruded lines (3 layers maximum). Our specificity is to be able to supply you with very small format sleeves (minimum width 45 mm) and up to 2200 mm with thicknesses ranging from 15 to 250 microns.


    The extruded material is the first step in the manufacturing process of a plastic packaging and will determine the quality basis of the product throughout its design.

    Faced with this requirement, Surfilm Packaging has adopted a real development policy, which is based on 3 axes:
    – Long-term investment programme which enables us to have the latest technologies in terms of reliability and ISO 9001 quality control.
    – Partnership with the main suppliers of high quality materials meeting food standards and the latest innovations in terms of respect for the environment.
    – Ongoing training of our teams to maintain the highest level of skills.