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    We are pursuing a strategy of making our products more and more environmentally friendly.

    Indeed, at a time when “plastic bashing” is gaining momentum on all continents, SURFILM Packaging, as a manufacturer of reusable plastic films and bags, is choosing clarity and responsibility. Thus, we believe in petroleum-derived plastic for its mechanical and conservation properties. These properties are necessary for our manufacturers to produce at the fairest cost, allowing them to maintain a level of profitability sufficient to guarantee consumers an affordable price. These properties also make it possible to ensure the handling, transport, storage and, a fortiori, the preservation of products or foods. We are therefore convinced that the problem is not plastic, but the failure to control the waste that results from it. For this reason, we have implemented an innovation strategy based on different axes:

    – Recycle, through recycling, all our production waste –

    – Use endlessly, in our secure processes, raw materials from our own waste. –

    – Incorporate recycled raw materials from domestic uses, that is to say from the consumers that we are, into our packaging. –

    – Innovate by introducing at the heart of our product range, biobased packaging, and 100% biodegradable or compostable packaging. –

                        Surfilm’s digital innovation

    SURFILM Packaging is also a wholesaler in food packaging which innovates in the services offered to its customers. Thus, we have created an online store to allow our customers, not only to be able to make their quotes online on the basis of standard products, but also to be able to personalize these products at will, in order to optimize their storage and limit waste. SURFILM thus offers shrink film, PE sheath, industrial films, reusable bags, checkout bags, wheeled shopping bags, recyclable bags, personalized recyclable bags, water-soluble film, biodegradable food film. , medical film, shrink covers, pharmaceutical packaging, soft handle bags, recyclable plastic bags, grocery shopping bags on wheels, recyclable plastic bags.

    Through its innovation actions, SURFILM Packaging wants to be consistent with its responsible business approach, but also to activate other growth levers to sustain its economic model.