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    Awareness-raising actions

    An educational project to raise awareness throughout the Royal country

    We offer pupils from all the primary schools in the Communauté d’Agglomération Royannaise a visit to the plant in order to make them aware of waste recycling and the possibilities of a second life for plastics.

    This action is set up jointly with CARA (Communauté d’Agglomération Royan Atlantique) and the Royan Inspectorate of Education, who are in charge of giving lectures on the subject of waste recycling in the classroom. Thus, we received about a hundred elementary school students to show them in a very concrete way how plastic bags are made from recycled plastic granules.

    Concerned about the preservation of the environment, we mainly use raw materials from the recycling of plastic film, actively participating in the circular economy and reducing its carbon footprint. We are fully committed to this approach by recycling our own plastic waste.


    The Medisaise firm opened its doors to the schoolchildren of La Clairière.

    On March 29, 2018, 3rd year schoolchildren from Royan visited the plastic bag manufacturing plant. This was the second visit since March. A little more than a hundred children will be involved in this operation. The conurbation community of Royan atlantique (Cara) is already carrying out a recycling awareness campaign in the schools of the agglomeration. The children’s welcome began with the viewing of a short video detailing the various stages of recycling, from waste from home to the manufacture of new bags. Then, Richard bureau, in-house staff trainer, took charge of one of the two groups. He commented on the tour of the company, which allowed him to see all the phases of processing, from the raw material to extrusion, printing and finishing. It must be said that the guide, with thirty years of experience, knows his business inside out.


    Elected officials from the Royan Atlantique conurbation community visited the Surfilm packaging company . The company has many projects.

    On Wednesday, June 6 at 9:30 a.m., the Cara energy department, along with the leaders of the Médisaise company, organized a tour of the plastic bag manufacturing company.

    Surfilm plans to expand

    A visit to the various manufacturing phases helped to overcome prejudices about plastics and demonstrated that they are part of the cycle of sustainable development. Seydou Ouattara’s ambition is to expand the company in order to control the entire recycling cycle, from design to waste treatment. The company manager has joined forces with Arnaud Madec, head of the APV company. « Our partnership should enable us to create an extension including optical sorting, sorting and washing of waste ». It would seem that the elected representatives have welcomed this project. « We are waiting for the local elected representatives to come back to us in order to propose a tripartite meeting with the Region », concludes Seydou Ouattara.