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    Surfilm Packaging’s polyethylene extruders are at the cutting edge of technology and ensure the production of high quality films and sleeves for all your packaging solutions. The raw material (polyethylene granules) is extruded in the form of a sheath which, once cooled, is cut sideways and then wound into reels to obtain a film.

    Today, we have 800 tons of plastic raw materials that are processed on a monthly basis.

    For manual or automatic packaging applications, with many options: antistatic treatment, non-slip, micro-perforations, macro-perforations. Our films are also stretchable so that you can easily film your palletized goods.

    We work closely with raw material suppliers to be the first to offer you the latest developments in terms of resistance, quality and respect for the environment.

    Our primary objective is to satisfy our customers by offering them the best product at the best price.